HP Compaq nx6310 Business Laptop user review

I’ve got this laptop in august as an exchange for my previously_many_times_broken_and_impossilbe_to_repair HP laptop, the nx6110.
The nx6310, in general, is updated nx6110 with its weaknesses and strenghts.

The specs
CPU: Intel CeleronM (Yonah core) 410 @ 1.46GHz, 533-MHz FSB, 1-MB L2 cache
RAM: 512 MB DDR2 @ 533 MHz
HDD: SATA 60 GB @ 5400 RPM
Chipset: Intel 945GML
Video: Intel GMA 950
TFT: 15″ @ 1024 x 768
Optical drive: DVD±RW, Matshita DVD-RAM UJ-840S
Mass: 2,7 kg
Battery: 2.5 h
Lan: Broadcom BCM4401-B0 100Base-TX
WiFi: Broadcom 4311
PCMCIA: 1, Texas Instruments ( 8039 ?)
Firewire: 1, Texas Instruments ( 803a ?)
VGA (D-Sub): +
USB 2.0: 2
O/S: Windows XP Home
Other soft: Norton Antivirus (3 months)

CPU, cooling
The CPU is Intels cheapest CeleronM, no SpeedStep means no frequency scaling, which leads to short battery life. As most of my time I surf the net or do coding, I don’t need all those dual cores, GHzs and huge caches. Cooler starts at 55°C and stops on 50°C. It’s less noisy than on Fujitsu-Siemens L7310 and IBM R50e. In addition, cooler takes the air from the bottom, right where youre left knee is. So be carefull when working on your laps.

I had an extra 512MB left from my previous laptop. I changed it to DDR2 and now I have 1GB in sum. That is enough. 8MB is taken for the video 😉

The video is Intels integrated GMA950. The third ?? generation of Intel® Extreme Graphics™®©. It takes 8Mb from RAM. I could play few games from the year 2003 (yes I am old school guy =)) ). Since I play once a year, I don’t care much about it.
If you interested here are the 3Dmarks with 512MB memory
3DMark 2001SE: 3951 marks
3DMark2003: 921 marks

Works well. HP have it’s own wireless assistent with it. It doesn’t differ much from default windows one.

Works well. Supports upto 4x DVD±RW, 24xCD-RW

This is the most weak part of the laptop. The matrix is waaay to weak compared to desktop LCDs. Still, it is better then on some ACERs, ECSs & MSIs. The horizontal angle is about 10-20°. It was hard in the beginning, but now I found that perfect position for the display and all colores are right 8) Otherwise, colors will be too dark or too light.
I saw few Fujitsu, with glare and non-glare LCDs, they were better. The best in low end is IBM R50e’s; here, black is black, and green is green 😐

Keyboard is good. Those who like soft keys will love it, I also got used to it. I was stumbled with IBM’s keyboards, but now they are too hard for me =)

The touchpad is standart Synaptics touchpad with two rubber (very cmofortable) buttons and scroll zone.

The case
The plastic case is original black, very strict and conservative. I find it the best one on the market. The top of the lid is gray, made of some scratch-resistant material. The lid is less strong than IBM R50e’s, but much stronger than on Toshiba M70 & Fujitsu-Siemens L7310, L1310

The machine weights 2.7kg + power adapter (it’s quite small). It’s somewhat a little above the comfort limit for taking it in bag or back-pack =(
If you plan to take your laptop on your back, then look on lighter ones. 2.2kg would be fine, trust me

When not on wire. The battery lives for 2,5 hours with minimum display brightness and WiFi on. Most of the time I have an outlet near me, so thats no problem for me =)

This laptop is a good one for students, people who don’t need long battery life, high graphics demands.
Still if you need to cary it often and don’t have enough money too purchase a solid case laptop (metall case), I’d advise IBM R50 series. Their plastic is much stronger and your laptop will live longer. As you know, nothing comes out of air, you’ll get weaker graphics, CPU and slower memory.
If you need a desktop replacement, I’d go with Toshiba. They have widescreen glare displays, but the weakest cases.

Specs vs price ratio
The corporate look
Great touchpad and I mean it!


That’s it! Hope it helped you.
You are welcome to comment and ask addtional questions. 22.09.2006


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