Nokia 3120 classic and Ubuntu 8.04 linux (updated)

In this post I’ll try to sum up the friendship 🙂 between Nokia’s 3120 classic mobile phone and Ubuntu 8.04 aka Hardy Heron linux.

The USB Bluetooth dongle

Phone has Bluetooth capability. Since the laptop (nx6310) hasn’t, I googled for a suitable bluetooth dongle. There was Targus ACB10EU dongle (Broadcom 2045 powered) available and luckly google told that it should work with linux out of the box

Strangely enough it did work – just plug it in and a Bluetooth icon comes up in the tray.

Connecting the phone

Connecting the phone is very simple:

  1. turn the Bluetooth on the mobile ON (and setup bluetooth in general, eg phone’s name etc)
  2. right click the bluetooth icon in the tray in your Ubuntu
  3. select ‘Browse Device…’
  4. you should see your phone by it’s name in the list now
  5. select it and click ‘Connect’
  6. the phone will ask you to enter the passkey
  7. now the bluetooth applet in the tray will ask you to confirm the passkey
  8. you’re done. I even got a file manager window with phone directories in front of me. Though, seems in read-only mode

You can send files by right clicking the tray bluetooth icon and choosing ‘Send file…’ (we’ll need this in the next topic)


Now you can check out a great tool for bluetooth phones and linux: bluepead. Download the debs for your desktop/laptop/whatever_top and files for the phone. Send the .jar to the phone with method mentioned above. Install the deb package.

Start the server in Ubuntu – the icon is in the ‘Sound & Video’ menu. Right click the tray icon, find & connect the mobile phone.

On the mobile, start the app and select the last menu entry. Strangely enough the picture doesn’t fit phone’s screen, so I don’t know the menu entry by name. Anyway, it scans the devices and now you can choose your computer to connect.

If all went good, a tray pop-up will inform you of new connection. Now you can manipulate your cursor, presentation and other available things on your desktop from your mobile phone 8)

wammu & gammu

Unfortunalty wammu/gammu doesn’t work with the phone (yet). I tried the latest version available from launchapd apt repo, still nothing. Too bad, since Nokia PS suite is a nightmare compared to wammu 😦

Update @ 07.10.2008

It works! Software – gammu 1.21.0, wammu 0.29, python-gammu 0.27

Add deb hardy main to your sources list.

1 Install wammu
2 Connect to your phone using bluetooth
3 Open wammu and go to ‘Phone wizard’. Use auto phone search on bluetooth. You’ll be informed

All finished, found 1 phones
Following phone will be used:
Model unknown (Nokia) on 01:23:CE:NS:OR:ED port using connection blueat

4 Finally connect

Things that work:

  • Phone info retrieval
  • Contacts retrieval from SIM, phone, both. Contact backup to a file.
  • Call log retrieval
  • Adding a contact (read further). Contact list becomes blocked on the phone side for some time (~1 minute) – phone says ‘Contacts not ready’. Wait a bit, don’t rush like me 🙂

Doesn’t work:

  • Everything related to SMS and calendar.
  • Adding a contact using auto location in memory (0, default value) – says memory is full. Works when defining a number manualy. Seems to have encoding problems, when adding using Text_LastName & Text_FirstName – saves as chinese symbols 😦 Adding using default Text_Name works as expected.



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