bug in Nokia 3120 Classic’s alarm

There’s a bug in my Nokia 3120 Classic, firmware v 07.16 27-05-08 RM-364.

Steps to reproduce:

1 Enable ‘Active Stand By’ Update 05.10.2008: after all this doesn’t affect the issue
2 Put the phone on charge (eg for a night while you sleep)
3 Put your alarm on
4 Alarm turns on in the morning.
Expected result: you click ‘Snoose’ and dream for 10 more minutes.
Actual result: there’s no ‘Snooze’ button. ‘Menu’ is instead. Keypad seems to be unlocked. Pressing any key switches alarm off and failes you on getting right on time. Later, the phone blinks after hanging off a.k.a. pressing the “red phone button”
Solution: after charging your phone turn it off and then turn it on again (a.k.a restart it) OR disable the active stand by

Seems the Nokia guys should be aware of it link#1, link#2.

2 thoughts on “bug in Nokia 3120 Classic’s alarm

  1. Yeah. This is true and I have experienced. But noticed when Repeat Alarm is turned on. Need to restart the phone to cure.


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