Ubuntu 8.10 on HP Compaq nx6310

The specs
CPU: Intel CeleronM works out of the box
Chipset: Intel 945GM works out of the box
Video: Intel GMA 950 works out of the box DualHead included (yay! finally)
VGA (D-Sub) / DualHead: DualHead works out of the box. External dispaly on/off (Fn+F4) doesn’t work.
Optical drive: Matushita DVD-RAM UJ-840S works out of the box
Lan: Broadcom BCM4401-B0 works out of the box
WiFi: Broadcom 4311 doesn’t work out of the box. Need’s to fetch a firmware from the Internet
PCMCIA: Texas Instruments ( 8039 ?) not tested
Firewire: Texas Instruments ( 803a?) not tested
USB 2.0: works out of the box
Laptop lid indicator: doesn’t work at all

Suspend to RAM works out of the box. WiFi and compiz seem to work well after multiple suspending and resuming. Be carefull – if you use external monitor only (laptop display is OFF), getting out of suspend without the external monitor attached will leave you with a blank screen.

Intel’s GMA950 was detected and XRandR via Gnome Screen Resoultion tool worked out of the box. Compiz works fine.

If you want to setup DualScreen with desktop across both screens, be sure
1 to fit Intel’s 2048×2048 display DRI limit
2 to put external monitor above the laptop in Screen Resolution tool. This way desktop icons and the panels are on external monitor. Otherwise, I have Gnome panels on external monitor and desktop icons on the laptop.

There’s also a nasty bug: when you have desktop effects enabled and you switch off your external monitor X restarts. Simple workaround is to disable desktop effects before switching off the monitor.

There’s an open-source driver which needs proprietary firmware. Installing is easy – use the Hardware Drivers tool.

Laptop lid
The laptop lid indicator doesn’t work as in Hardy

The Flash and keybroad indicator bugs are finally gone. Though, Mozilla Thunderbird and Lightning still need hacking just like in Hardy

Seems we finally got an almost perfect distro release for this machine and alike 😀


4 thoughts on “Ubuntu 8.10 on HP Compaq nx6310

  1. i just installed ubuntu 8.10 64-bit on my HP Compaq 6530s. All devices excerpt my speakers are working well. There is sound output when I connect my headphones or any other speakers into the line-out port. There is no sound output from the inbuilt speakers.

    Can anyone suggest how to resolve this problem?


  2. I also use hp 6530s and just installed ubuntu 8.10. there is no sound when I use built in speaker. may be any one can give suggest to resolv this problem.


  3. @jumaidi
    It takes time to incorporate fresh hardware support., try the new release – 9.04.


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