Scrum Master role description

As a fresh scrum master missing my responsibilites description, I though I could compile one myself. I searched the web, made some notes from books and courses, and voilà. As this is done on free time and for personal use, I see it could be usefull up here in the web for others SMs too.

Support team members

  • prevent distractions, identify and lead impediments solving process, escalate problems if needed
  • help team to keep focus on results and commitments
  • assist team with making appropriate commitments by challenging story selection and assuring everything is clear and understood same way by both sides
  • be a single point of contact for external communication to the team
  • communicate team velocity and sprint/release progress , be co-responsible for commitment delivery
  • influence self-management and self-improvement to grow efficiency and velocity

Support business

  • assist product owner with backlog maintenance . Assure top PBIs meet DoR
  • ensure the team is focusing on high priority items and feels accountable for the product
  • ensure visibility of the team’s velocity & sprint/release progress by leading improvment of transparency and quality of information radiators
  • facilitate grooming, sprint and release planning sessions, daily standups, sprint demos and retrospectives

Support process improvement

  • co-develop motivatinal, transparent, collaborative, open and trustful environment where Scrum team can work efficiently and business can deliver fast changes to a fast changing world
  • instigate change, open mind thinking and honest discussions
  • challenge and facilitate discussions on conflicting matters keeping those in productive and improving direction
  • ensure improvement by constant attentive retrospective process and root cause analysis
  • coach and educate team and product owner to practice core scrum principles and understand scrum/agile values

Last updated: 17 June 2011


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