Messing with ffmpeg

Today evening I wanted to quicly upscale one SD video to HD with ffmpeg, which was my encoder of choice for quite a long time.

But it ain’t easy. First, default Ubuntu 12.04 ffmpeg didn’t support h264. Switching to VP8 didn’t help as output quality was awful and several how-tos had unsupported options. It all looked like ffmpeg was outdated. And it was. Ubuntu ships Libav, a fork of ffmpeg, v 0.8 w/o x264 support.

Luckly, there’s a ppa with latest version (0.10) of original ffmpeg on launchpad. Using

ffmpeg -i -acodec copy -vcodec libx264 -crf_max 7000 -q 50 -s 960×720

I could convert my 4:3 ratio SD file into 720p one. I wish I used Avidemux and hopefully it would just simply work.