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My name is Sergei Sergejev (Estonian passport name), or Sergey Sergeev in English, or Сергей Сергеев in Russian.

This blog was launched in 2006 as a place to share setup of linux on my laptop. Back then it was hell of experience – not everything worked and you needed to fix stuff with google and a hammer. Now it just works, but I’m working on my Mac, keeping old Ubuntu ThinkPad at home.

I wanted to become a doctor, but was disappointed with long study period, harsh working conditions (night shifts, 24h shifts). Instead I became a software doctor… sort of.

I studied IT Systems Development at Estonian IT College. I felt that development is not my thing and even wanted to quit as I’ve put way too much attention and mental resources to details. Though, I really liked scripting (Bash, Python), creating documentation (wikis, reports), making analysis (UX, critical thinking, diagrams) and verifications. This way, I became a software tester. My diploma thesis was about Selenium automation.

Useful software that solves customers’ problems was and stays my passion (so as whining about problems that hold us back). Seeing how software development process and people interactions affect quality, I naturally became very interested in software development methodologies (Scrum, Kanban, Lean, Theory of Constraints) and so called management 2.0. I’m also interested in topics about personal productivity – I’m following an empty inbox rule (and it works), try to follow Jedi Technique and try to use my paper notepad as much as possible.

All written in this blog is my personal opinion unless mentioned otherwise.

You can find me on:


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